Help, I Feel Alone in Leadership!

Help, I Feel Alone in Leadership!

Gain encouragement and find support in this Family Ministry Conversations video.

The Artful Work of Shepherding One at a Time

The Artful Work of Shepherding One at a Time

Understanding the sheep metaphor in Scripture will help you lead your people better. Here’s why.

Thriving in the Winter—More than Waiting


Take a deep breath. Before you hunker down, let’s shake off the chill, fix our eyes, and keep going.

The Encouragement Every Ministry Leader Needs to Hear Right Now


Here are 6 ways to face hard seasons with encouragement from fellow leaders and pastors like you.

5 Ways Your Ministry Can Win After the COVID Disruption


Your ministry can still win—even in the midst of the pandemic. Read this article to discover how!

Why Your Integrity in Leadership Matters


Discover why it’s so important to shrink the gap between where we are vs. who we say we are.

What Scripture Says About Children’s Ministry


Your role is tied to hundreds of years of a plan for an ending that hasn’t changed. The Word of God is alive, and children’s ministry was His idea.

Take a New Grip: Encouragement for Children’s Ministers

Take A New Grip: Encouragement for Children's Ministers

The grip we had in March is no longer effective in August. Let’s keep asking God what He has for us!

Here I Am: Encouragement for Ministry Leaders in this Season

When everything else seems to be changing, allow the Bible to lead you and show the truth of God.

What Can God Do with Me? Embracing Your Hidden Potential

There’s no limit to what God can do with a heart surrendered to Him, so open your heart to where He is leading you.

She Smiles Without Fear: Encouragement for Women in Ministry

Gain insight and encouragement for becoming a Proverbs 31 woman in the midst of the darkness.

Trust God’s Faithfulness in the Difficult Seasons

It’s His same grace that Jesus covered us with on the cross that still covers us today. It’s His same love that teaches us how to love others. And it’s His same compassion that draws us in.