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A group of children enjoy their time spent at kids ministry at their church.
A young boy smiles while spending time outside at church.

Curriculum for Kids

Through David C Cook, your church or denomination can find an awesome true-to-the-Bible program fit for your children’s ministry, and a partner who supports you as you serve your people well.

Two ministry kit covers

Practical, Simple-to-use Ministry Kits for Building a Ministry that Thrives

These customizable Ministry Kits are designed to help you in your ministry to kids, volunteers, and parents—whether through discipling, training, or engaging.

More Featured Products

The Action Bible

The Action Bible presents more than 230 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easy to follow the Bible’s historical flow and building up to the thrilling climax of God’s redemptive story.
The Action Bible Cover

The 13 Very Collection

Keep kids engaged, entertained, and growing in their faith.

The 13 Very series is a must-have as you lead the next generation of God’s kingdom. Each book in this series includes 13 easy-to-lead, undated sessions to help elementary kids discover the faith-building, life-changing truths tucked into God’s Word. So be sure to get them all!

13 Very Amazing Animals Cover

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