Fuel Up for Your Mission

The most important work in the world is ministry: helping people of all ages come to know, love, and follow Jesus. And, ministry can be hard work—really hard work.

That’s why we’ve created Ministry Spark, a go-to place for ideas and inspiration. These ideas come in all shapes and sizes—from articles posted weekly to free downloadable resources made for you!

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A stack of Children's ministry guides.

Resources and Inspiration for Ministry Leaders

Ministry Spark is by and for people serving on the front lines of the local church and Christian organizations—the teachers, leaders, pastors, and doers of all things ministry. And, as doers of all things ministry—we know how hard it can be.

That’s why when you visit here, you’ll find free resources (for you and your ministry), valuable insights from trusted practitioners, and the latest ministry trends.

What You Can Expect from Us

Ministry Spark is encouraging

We all need a place for ideas and community to help us stay fueled for our mission.

Ministry Spark provides tools to stay relevant

Since Ministry Spark is fueled by David C Cook, we have access to some awesome resources. Plus, stories and posts from practitioners just like you.

Ministry Spark values volunteers

Perhaps you are one. Or maybe you shepherd a whole flock. Either way, we know volunteers keep the ministry-wheels turning.

Ministry Spark is true to God's word

We want our community to grow in knowledge, love, and relationship with Jesus! That’s why we work to have our articles and resources point to Him.

Ministry Spark is a raving fan of the local church

There’s nothing like the church—and no two are alike. You and yours will fit right in here, in the company of voices from various backgrounds and church communities of all shapes and sizes.

Say Hello to the Team!

Meet our awesome staff of real people who care about real things.

We care about Jesus.
We care about you.
We care about the church.

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Courtney Weaver Portrait
Content Lead

Courney Weaver

Courtney has a deep passion to share the beautiful grace of Jesus with others. She currently serves in her local church as the worship leader and believes engaging kids in relationship with God is meant for every day.

With a degree in public relations and a minor in biblical studies, she serves at David C Cook as the Content Marketing Manager for resources like Wonder Ink and Ministry Spark. She’s honored to be the wife of Andrew and mommy of Case and Knox. Courtney is a dreamer, designer, and writer who still loves sprinkles on her ice cream.

Lindsay Black portrait
Content Lead

Lindsay Black

Lindsay is a champion of the local church and is passionate about partnering with church leaders to disciple every generation. She has worked in publishing for more than 15 years and currently serves at David C Cook as the Product Portfolio Manager, Curriculum. She has served as a Sunday school teacher and as the Outreach Coordinator for her church to connect more people with Jesus and with one another.

Byron Ragains Portrait
Community Lead

Byron Ragains

Byron has a contagious passion for people and the local church. As the director of strategic ministry networking for David C Cook, he travels the United States to create conversation among church leaders and equip them with awesome learning resources.

He is a champion for Sunday school teachers who do the Lord’s work with precious kids, and he loves speaking to inspire volunteers as they influence today’s generations. Byron lives in Chicagoland with his family and loves the Chicago Cubs!

Smiling woman working at a laptop
Contributor Team

Ministry Practioners—Like YOU!

Ministry leaders write for us every week. And you can write too! Just email us at writers@ministryspark.com with a brief bio, your passions and expertise, contact information, and a writing sample. We’ll be sure to check it out! We would love to have your voice.