About Ministry Spark

Fuel up for your mission.

The most important work in the world is ministry: helping people of all ages come to know, love, and follow Jesus. And, ministry can be hard work—really hard work. That’s why we’ve created Ministry Spark, a go-to place for ideas and inspiration. These ideas come in all shapes and sizes—from articles posted weekly to free downloadable resources made for you!

We have an awesome staff of real people who care about real things.
We care about Jesus.
We care about you.
We care about the church.

You see, Ministry Spark is by and for people serving on the front lines of the local church and Christian organizations—the teachers, leaders, pastors, and doers of all things ministry. And, as doers of all things ministry—we know how hard it can be.

That’s why when you visit here, you’ll find free resources (for you and your ministry), valuable insights from trusted practitioners, and the latest ministry trends.

Whatever your role, here are 5 reasons to love what you’ll find at Ministry Spark.

  1. Ministry Spark is encouraging.
    We all need a place for ideas and community to help us stay fueled for our mission.
  2. Ministry Spark values volunteers.
    Perhaps you are one. Or maybe you shepherd a whole flock. Either way, we know volunteers keep the ministry-wheels turning.
  3. Ministry Spark is a raving fan of the local church.
    There’s nothing like the church—and no two are alike. You and yours will fit right in here, in the company of voices from various backgrounds and church communities of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Ministry Spark is true to God’s Word.
    We want our community to grow in knowledge, love, and relationship with Jesus! That’s why we work to have our articles and resources point to Him.
  5. Ministry Spark provides tools to stay relevant.
    Since Ministry Spark is fueled by David C Cook, we have access to some awesome resources. Plus, stories and posts from practitioners just like you.

And, Ministry Spark is free. So are the special offers and resources coming your way when you sign up.