Dear Children’s and Family Ministry Leader,

We’re here to remind you just how much you matter! Remember that you are important, and what you do is important.

You Matter

You are important to kids in your church. 

As you work to create environments that welcome and engage kids, you make space for God’s Word to take root. As you present the gospel to children, you share the good news of Jesus that forever changes lives.

You are important. And as you make sure kids are safe—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—you are caring for God’s little children. You are reminding them of their worth and who they are in Christ.

So, as hard as it can get, remember that you matter and the work you do is eternal.

You matter.

The relationship you build with the children in your ministry matters more than any program, curriculum, or facilities you could provide. God is working through you and your ministry to change lives.

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You are important to parents in your church. 

Barna studies show that parents agree the spiritual life and character of their children is mainly their responsibility. The same studies also show, however, that less than 20% of parents have ever had a conversation with church leaders about the spiritual investment in their children.

We encourage you to be proactive in engaging the families in your ministry (and at your church). Parents need help and you are important to them, even if they haven’t vocalized it.

The responsibility of raising kids in Christ can feel like a lot, and you of all people understand that! Continue to walk with them, resource them, and partner together to effect change in kids’ lives.

Trust us, when parents know that you are there caring for their children alongside them, they are eternally grateful. Many are stressed and just plain worn out.

You matter to them. Never forget that!

You are important to your team. 

Whether your team is made of paid staff or volunteers, your leadership is important to them! As you lead, stay focused on living out your ministry vision as you do the work before you. Your example, words, and actions all encourage and inspire your team.

Remind them of the ministry’s values and follow the Holy Spirit as He works in and through you.

As you equip your team for ministry and develop them as leaders, be reminded of your call to discipleship. Your leadership has a ripple effect that impacts others who then impact others. We’re thankful for the work you do.

And mainly, we want you to remember that God has placed you here. Lean into Him and trust Him with everything! He doesn’t fail.

Remember that your ministry flows from your relationship with God, not the opposite.

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You are important to your family.

The best ministry you could ever do is within the walls of your home. Leader Jim Wideman says, “Never sacrifice your family on the altar of your ministry.”

And he’s right! You are invaluable to your family. They need you, and you need them too. So, continue to give them your best, not your leftovers. Your family will make your ministry stronger, so start there and continue to plant the seeds in the blessings God has given you.

And if you have children, give them the priority and attention they require, deserve, and want.

Remember that you matter. You really, really matter to them.

You are important to God.

If there is only one point you take away from this letter, it should be this one. You are important to God.

He sent His Son for you, not because He knew one day that you would be in ministry, but because He loves you. It’s that simple. His love for you has never been about what you can do, because apart from Him we can do nothing. It’s always been about you.

He knew you and formed you before you were born (Psalm 139). He called you to Himself.

Remember that your ministry flows from your relationship with Him, not the opposite. So, first and foremost, invest in your relationship with Jesus. Recall to mind what you tell the kids in your ministry.

He loves you, your family loves you, and so do the kids, parents, and team members you serve and minister with.

You matter.


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