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Faith begins with wonder

Wonder Ink is a customizable digital curriculum and toolkit for your children’s ministry. Empower volunteers, engage families, and inspire children on their journey of faith.
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What if Sunday morning was just the starting point?

Faith formation is not limited to Sunday mornings. Wonder Ink empowers families and invites children to experience the wonder of God every day in every way.

Designed by ministry practitioners and discipleship thought leaders, Wonder Ink provides a comprehensive solution to empower and train volunteers to be effective in inspiring kids to discover their identity in God’s Big Story.

This customizable digital curriculum and toolkit creatively engages kids and families in God’s Word—connecting the classroom on Sunday to their homes during the week.

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What others are saying about Wonder Ink...

Wonder Ink sparks curiosity in kids, leaders, and parents too! Kids will be filled with wonder as they discover God knows them, Jesus loves them, and the Holy Spirit leads them through this easy-to-use, digital, truth-filled curriculum. Wonder Ink will be a game changer for your ministry!

Explore the Wonder Ink curriculum, walk through 4 customizable lessons per age level, and preview the collaborative, community building digital toolkit

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