Joy to the World, the Lord has come! Looking for fun, easy Christmas crafts for kids that will get you and your students in the Christmas spirit?

Then look no further, because we’ve got you covered.

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Use these Christmas crafts for kids so you can celebrate one of the most joyous times of the year!

Whichever crafts you choose to make this holiday season, remember that Jesus is the best gift of all.

Ornament Crafts

Making ornaments is a classic Christmas craft for kids that never disappoints. Check out these awesome ideas, and then get ready to decorate your tree!

  1. Christmas tree ornaments can be hung on a tree, given as a gift, or used as a gift tag! Find the instructions here.
  2. This adorable baby Jesus ornament is simple to make but helps us remember what Christmas is all about . . . the birth of Jesus!
  3. These colorful yarn ornaments are exciting to make for any age group. Help kids make them while teaching about the night Christ was born!
  4. God sent an angel to tell Mary that she was going to have a baby who was the son of God. Celebrate the good news with this angel ornament craft!
  5. Pipe cleaners, plastic beads . . . endless unique crafts! Try this craft with your class and watch as everyone makes their own Christmas ornament.
  6. Find the directions for swirled, painted ornaments here. These crafts make awesome gifts for kids to give to parents. After all, who doesn’t love a pretty ornament??
  7. Craft stick snowflakes are easy to make and turn into beautiful gifts! Teach kids how uniquely “you” they are as they decorate their ornaments.

Angel Crafts

Hark the herald angels sing “Glory to the newborn King”! Angels brought the good news of Jesus’ birth and we can too. Check out these Christmas crafts for kids that do just that!

  1. With hectic schedules around the holiday season, December is a time when people often need encouragement. Use this fun craft to encourage the children you teach and to help them encourage others.
  2. Using only a few supplies, you can have your class make these angels out of cupcake liners! Grab the instructions here.
  3. You’ll want to download this craft because kids of all ages will love making these simple foam cup angels!
  4. These clothespin angels can stay with kids wherever they go as a small reminder of the miracle of Jesus’ birth.
  5. Here is another cool angel craft that kids can easily make! They can use these angels to sing Christmas carols or while they are learning about the story of Jesus’ birth.
  6. Paper bag angels are a fun craft that kids can make their own!
  7. These sparkly clothespin angels are easy to make and can be used as ornaments, place settings, gift tags, and so much more! Here are the directions.

Nativity Scene Crafts

These Christmas crafts for kids will help teach about the story of Jesus’ birth while having lots of fun. Kids will celebrate the newborn King!

  1. Children will enjoy using this special craft to retell the story of Jesus’ birth. Here are the instructions.
  2. This stained glass nativity is a perfect Christmas craft that is easy to make and looks great hanging in a window or on a Christmas tree!
  3. This nativity craft is made out of simple shapes so it is easy for young kids to make, and turns into a beautiful sun-catcher they can proudly hang in any window!
  4. The wise men are an important part of the Christmas story! Don’t forget about them with this fun popsicle stick craft.
  5. Check out this fun shepherd craft that doesn’t take many supplies and looks awesome when it’s done.
  6. Kids can create a manger to remind them of the one baby Jesus was placed in with this simple craft.
  7. Fingerprint crafts are always fun! And what could be better than creating a manger with your own fingerprints? Here are the instructions. You’ve got to try it!
  8. Create the scene of Mary and Joseph on the night Jesus was born. Use this craft to tell the story of Jesus’ birth to your class.
  9. Here is another handprint craft that features Jesus in a manger. Kids will have fun making this craft while being reminded of how Jesus entered our world.

Snow Globe Crafts

Nothing puts you in the Christmas spirit quite like shaking a snow globe and seeing a winter wonderland! Here are some homemade snow globe ideas.

  1. Children make their own snow globes to remind them of the joy that Jesus gives because He was born. Find the instructions here.
  2. This snow globe can be used as a Christmas card or fun craft kids can hang in their house! Here are the instructions for this cute finger-print craft.
  3. Get kids in the winter spirit with these paper plate snow globes that are mess-free and fun to make. Have kids paint a portrait of baby Jesus in the manger and then watch God’s Word comes to life!
  4. Jesus is the greatest gift of all! Encourage your class to remember God’s greatest gift with this baby Jesus snow globe ornament.
  5. This snow globe craft only takes a few supplies and makes a fun glittering snowman wonderland!

Christmas Wreath Crafts

Decorating for Christmas is so much fun. Here are some ideas for making Christmas wreaths with your class!

  1. A handprint wreath will be easy to make and cherished by parents. Who doesn’t love a personalized wreath?
  2. Kids will love making this Bible storytelling craft and, as a result, you’ll have fun using it to help kids review the wonderful stories of Jesus.
  3. “I Love Jesus!” There’s no better message to be reminded of at Christmas! Get the instructions for this wreath here.
  4. Have extra buttons from different crafts lying around? Use them up with this button wreath craft!
  5. This bow tie noodle craft can be given as a Christmas card to children’s loved ones! Have students write an encouraging note inside to show their love for Jesus and others.
  6. Here is a handprint wreath with a sweet poem that’s perfect for Christmas. Here are the directions.

Paper Plate Crafts

Crafts made out of paper plates are a go-to when it comes to children’s crafts. Check out these creative Christmas crafts for kids—you’ll be sure laugh along the way.

  1. These pretty angels are a perfect Christmas craft to use while telling your class the story of Jesus’ birth. Get the directions here.
  2. Another paper plate angel craft! We sure love angels. Try this craft with your students to create an angel for each child to take home.
  3. These 3-D paper plate trees are fun, colorful, and all around awesome. As a result, kids will have a fun and colorful time making them! Find out how to make them here.
  4. Here is an easy, super-cute snowman craft that takes barely any time or supplies! Now, that’s exciting.
  5. Kids will love making these Christmas trees with only a paper plate, pompoms, and paint, so grab the instructions here.

Candy Cane Crafts

What’s better than being able to eat your craft supplies? Nothing! So, plan to pick up a few boxes of candy canes, and you’ll be set to make these crafts.

  1. Make plenty of these Candy Heart Hang-ups to share with family and friends in order to spread Christmas wonder and love!
  2. How cute is this snowman sledding on a sled made of candy canes?! Get the instructions for this whimsical craft here.
  3. Any age group will enjoy making these candy canes made out of scrunched up tissue paper. As a result, you may have lots of paper laying around!
  4. These candy cane Christmas trees are a fun, cute craft that are easy to make. To sum it up, check out the directions.

Whichever Christmas crafts you choose to make this holiday season, remember that Jesus is the best gift of all. Ultimately, He is the reason we celebrate!

Merry Christmas!

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Your heart beats for kids to know, love, and follow Jesus. And ours does too. Try any or all of our programs and lessons before you commit to buying. Check them out here.

Your heart beats for kids to know, love, and follow Jesus. And ours does too. Try any or all of our programs and lessons before you commit to buying. Check them out here.

Your heart beats for kids to know, love, and follow Jesus. And ours does too. Try any or all of our programs and lessons before you commit to buying. Check them out here.