12 Awesome Bible Games for Kids of All Ages

Grab these free games and be ready for Bible learning fun!

12 Awesome Bible Games for Kids of All Ages cover

Bible learning is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Check out this guide for access to 12 fun Bible games! Choose from games for toddlers to preteens and help kids know that God loves them.

A glimpse inside:

  • God Made the World Activity, Toddlers
  • God Gives Me Good Things Game and Activity, Toddlers
  • Noah Game and Activity, Toddlers
  • People Puzzles Game, Preschool
  • Do What It Says Game, Elementary
  • Love Fulfills the Law Game, Elementary
  • Tell the Good News Game, Elementary
  • Picture Hunt Game, Elementary
  • Musical Cans Game, Elementary
  • Chopstick Relay Game, Elementary and Preteen
  • Witness Walkabout Game, Elementary and Preteen
  • Bible Book Cards Game, Elementary and Preteen