A Student’s Guide to Culture: Don’t Confuse the Moment and the Story


A challenge to live out our faith in our current culture by placing it in the context of God’s bigger Story.

How to Help Kids Connect with the Bible Outside of Church


Help your kids learn to go to God’s Word so His truth is always louder than the world’s lies.

What Scripture Says About Children’s Ministry


Your role is tied to hundreds of years of a plan for an ending that hasn’t changed. The Word of God is alive, and children’s ministry was His idea.

How to Teach Kids About the Hard Parts of the Bible (A Series)


We’ve collected articles around why and how to teach kids about the hard parts of the Bible. You’ll want to check these out!

How to Teach Kids About the Book of Revelation

How to Teach Kids About the Book of Revelation

Discover 4 key points for sharing the interesting and exciting book of Revelation with kids!

How to Teach Kids About Judas’ Life

How to Teach Kids About Judas' Life

Even our most confusing, hurtful, sinful actions can be used by God.

How to Teach Kids About the Israelites Taking Canaan

How to Teach Kids About the Israelites taking Canaan

Unpack the difficult aftermath of the battle of Jericho to help kids understand and respect God’s holiness.

How to Teach Kids About the Life of Job

How to Teach Kids About the Story of Job

Help kids understand the power and care God has for them!

How to Teach Kids About David and Bathsheba

Discover the importance of explaining the full story of David and Bathsheba to our kids.

How to Help Teens Relate to Jesus

Your teens likely have a lot of things they associate with Jesus. Here’s how you can help them relate to Him.

3 Steps to Help Kids Discover Their Identity in Jesus

When we intentionally practice these principles, we get to be part of connecting kids’ hearts to Jesus!

Hard Questions and Answers from God’s Word

When we face difficult times and the questions that follow, we can hold tight to God and His promises.