The Importance of Framing Your Ministry Around Specialized Needs

The Importance of Framing Your Ministry Around Specialized Needs

The needs in our children and families are ever expanding. Discover how your ministry can help in this family ministry conversation video.

How Buddies Can Help Strengthen Your Ministry

How Buddies Can Help Strengthen Your Ministry

This exceptional article equips and encourages leaders to learn about the importance of equity and inclusion in your ministry with a buddy program.

Why a Vibrant Special Needs Ministry Changes a Church


Change your church culture by providing connections to hope, purpose, and belonging for ALL your families.

Sensory Spaces for Kids in the COVID-19 Church


Clever ways to create sensory space for kids while learning.

Why You Need to Include Kids with Disabilities in VBS and How to Do It

You CAN create environments where families impacted by disabilities will experience acceptance, love, and community.

How to Make Your Bible Lessons More Inclusive for All Abilities

How to make your bible lessons more inclusive for all abilities

Sometimes, we forget the bigger picture—helping to introduce kids to God, Jesus, and the church.

How to Create a Sensory Room for Students with Special Needs

How to create a sensory room for special needs

Get practical ideas for how to set up a sensory room, including budget, DIY, and blowout options.

Inclusion Doesn’t Have to Be Scary—How to Get Started in Your Kids’ Ministry

Inclusion doesn't have to be scary in kids ministry

Check out these creative ways to address special needs!

How to Be Ready When Parents Don’t Share Their Child’s Special Needs

How to be ready when parents don’t share their child’s special needs

Practical tips so you can be prepared to include all types of kids in your ministry!

10 Practical Ways to Make Your Kids’ Ministry Disability Friendly

10 Practical Ways to Make Your Kids' Ministry Disability Friendly

The special needs individuals at your church are your best resource to learn how you are doing. Let them teach you!

Confessions of a Special Needs Coordinator: Why I Need Grace

Confessions of a special needs coordinator

Ministry is filled with challenges that are best met with grace. Be encouraged by this practitioner’s story!

Behavior Management—Turn the Tables with These Tested Techniques


Behavior management can be a challenge! Get practical helps to address needs of children with varying abilities.