Practical Ways to Support Men in Ministry

Practical Ways to Support Men in Ministry

Learn thoughtful ways to support the men volunteering in your ministry program as you read this insightful article.

5 Ways to Lead Strong as a Woman in Ministry

5 Ways to Lead Strong as a Woman in Ministry

Women face multiple challenges in leadership—be encouraged to lead strong no matter what.

Leading Strong When You’re the Youngest in the Room


Lead well as a young ministry leader and get excited for your future and the future of your ministry.

What Your Children’s Ministry Needs from You in 2021


As we look forward with hopeful anticipation to all that 2021 will bring, there are some essentials to reflect on first.

10 Symptoms of Integrity Gaps in Your Leadership


Discover 10 symptoms of integrity gaps and let go of the toxic guilt and shame that comes with trauma.

5 Ways to Lead Like Esther in Your Children’s Ministry

Esther Leadership Women in Ministry

Just like Esther, we often find ourselves leading up and leading shoulder to shoulder—against all odds.

Training Your Mind to Think Like a Leader

Training your mind to think like a leader

You don’t have to be 100 percent confident in your own skills, you just have to be 100 percent confident in God.

5 Things Your Pastor Would Want You to Know about His Kids

Pastors are parents first. Here’s what they would tell you about their kids.

4 Steps to Get Heard—and Supported!—by Your Church’s Senior Leadership


Apply these principles—for email, meetings, presentations, and conversations—to communicate more effectively NOW.

The Best Ways to Talk to Your Church Leadership about Kidmin


A veteran kids’ leader (now executive pastor) shares how to get the support you need.

The Future of the Church Is in Your Kids’ Ministry

We can develop kids as church leaders … right now!