The Need for A Rescuer (Elementary Lesson)


This grab-and-go lesson helps kids and families lean into their need for our Rescuer God.

Why You Need to Serve Kids in the Foster Care System

Understand the importance of supporting families within the church who open their homes to children.

9 Ways to Pivot Outreach for Life Beyond Quarantine


Make sure your ministry is positioned to keep on demonstrating God’s love beyond the church’s walls!

What It Means to Be a Missionary

What it means to be a missionary

There’s a mission field right outside your door. Step out and take a look!

25 Christmas Outreach Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Do with Kids

25 Christmas Outreach Ideas You'll Actually Want to Do with Kids

Harness kids’ excitement and channel it toward serving one another, blessing the needy, and declaring the birth of Jesus!

Giving Kids a Heart of Compassion in a Me-Focused World

Giving kids compassion in a me focused world

Let’s intentionally raise kids who are compassionate, others-centered, and mission-minded.

10 Uplifting Ways Kids Can Bless Others This Thanksgiving

Use these starter ideas to create opportunities for kids to remember kindness, warm hearts, and reach out in love.

Hosting a Food Packing Event Is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Kids!

Hosting a food packing event

Global missions is important—here’s an easy way for kids to get involved!

42 Exciting Service Project Ideas Tested in the Real World


Check out these service project ideas and provide children a natural path to experience and act on compassion.

Have We Forgotten the Fundamentals That Make Outreach Work?

Have We Forgotten the Fundamentals That Make Outreach Work?

When you’re planning a church outreach event, don’t forget these basics.