Preschool Worship: 7 Ways to Make It Count

Preschool Worship 7 Ways to Make It Count

It’s important to encourage our kids in worship. Check out these 7 ways to make it count!

Fire-y Furnace (Preschool Lesson)

Fire-y Furnace

Help children know how much God loves and cares for them with this grab-and-go lesson.

Jesus’ Baptism (Preschool Lesson)

Jesus' Baptism (Preschool Lesson)

Use this grab-and-go lesson to help kids know that they can obey and please God!

Let the Children Come to Me (Preschool Lesson)

Let the Children Come to me preschool lesson

This grab-and-go lesson teaches children that they can always come to Jesus because He loves them.

I Can Help Others (COVID-19 Lesson for Kids)

Use this lesson to teach kids that they can still help people during difficult times.

God Cares About My Grief and Loss (COVID-19 Lesson for Kids)

Teach kids that God cares about their grief and will help them deal with loss.

God Is Provider (At-Home Lesson)

Check out this at-home lesson for teaching kids that God provides!

Taking a Family Prayer Walk (Coronavirus Resource)

Check out these simple prayer stations families can use to help children trust God when they face worries of many kinds.

God Is Stronger Than My Fear (COVID-19 Lesson for Kids)

Let’s teach children that they can trust God with their fears—no matter how big or small those fears are.

30+ Free Sunday School Lessons for Kids

30 Free Sunday School lessons

Get free lessons from top-quality Bible curriculum brands.

The Sermon on the Mount for Preschoolers (Lesson)

Use this grab-and-go lesson from Matthew 6 to unpack Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.

Meet an Amazing Animal in the Story of the Triumphal Entry (Preschool and Elementary Lesson)

Amazing Animal Triumphal Entry donkey

Use this grab-and-go lesson to bring Jesus’s triumphal entry on Palm Sunday to life.