Use this lesson outline to teach preschoolers and early elementary students about the disciples’ last supper with Jesus.

Editor’s Note: This lesson was adapted from Route 52.

You can combine this elementary lesson with others in the series:

Scripture: Matthew 26: 17-30

Lesson Aims

  • Explain that the Lord’s Supper helps us remember that Jesus is the Son of God.
  • Remember Jesus and praise Him because He is the Son of God.
  • Read Bible references and find Bible verses.


  • Birthday card (new or used)
  • Six large paper bags, towel, water bottle, loaf of bread, juice bottle, cup, hymn book
  • Materials: Tan and purple craft foam, markers, magnets, glue

Before Class

  • Place the following six items in grocery bags, one item per bag: towel, water bottle, loaf of bread, juice bottle, cup, hymn book.
  • Prepare a cardboard pattern of a flat oval loaf of bread and a pattern of a cup with a thick stem.

Share the Bible Story


Materials: Birthday card

Display the birthday card. Encourage children to talk about birthday cards. Prompt them with questions such as: Why do people send birthday cards? How do you feel when you get a birthday card? How often do you get birthday cards?

Then SAY: It makes us feel good when someone remembers our birthday. Jesus asks His followers to remember Him too. As you hear the story, listen to find out how Jesus wants us to remember Him.

READ: Matthew 26:17-30 with great expression.

ASK: How did Jesus say the disciples could remember Him? (Drink the cup; eat the bread.)


Materials: Six large paper bags, towel, water bottle, loaf of bread, juice bottle, cup, hymn book

Seat children in six groups. Give each group a grocery bag containing one item. Explain that each bag includes an item from the Bible story. Choose someone from each group to carry and open the bag.

After each group has examined the item in its bag, talk with them about how each item relates to the Bible story. The other groups will listen as each item is discussed.

Next, have the groups arrange themselves in proper story order. Ask the groups to retell the story, paper bag by paper bag. Or, ask a volunteer from each group to read their section of the story. Nonreaders may display the item from the bag while an adult reads.


If you want to use crackers and juice, make certain the children know that just eating these foods as a snack is not the same as remembering Jesus in the Lord’s Supper.

Practice Using a Bible


Materials: Large sheet of paper, Bibles

List the following three Bible book names (names only) on a large sheet of paper. Read each book name as you print it. Have children repeat the name after you.

  • Luke
  • Deuteronomy
  • 1 Corinthians

Help children locate the tables of contents in their Bibles. Ask children to cover the Old Testament books with one hand. Check hand positions. Uncover. Then ask them to cover the New Testament books with the other hand. Check and then have them uncover.

Read each of the three Bible book names. Decide whether the book is found in the Old Testament or New Testament. Then have each child locate the book name in the table of contents.

Reading Tip:

This story provides an excellent opportunity to practice sequencing of events. Write story events on poster board sentence strips. Let children arrange them in the story order.


Materials: Tan and purple craft foam, markers, magnets, glue (Craft stores sell an easy-to-cut craft foam available in many colors. Purchase tan foam for bread and purple foam for the cup.)

Children will trace the patterns from the cardboard cutout prepared before class onto the foam. (Unlike felt, craft foam can be easily cut by children.) Glue a piece of magnet onto the back of the foam. Children can take these home as reminders: Remember Jesus.

Share What We’ve Learned

Gather everyone in a circle to talk about what they have been doing and learning. Use the aims for this lesson as an outline for the kinds of questions you ask. Play the “Remember Game.”

Seat everyone in circles.

Ask the children to tell the class something they remember about Jesus. The second child will repeat the first child’s idea and then add another idea. The third child will repeat the first two (the order the ideas are stated is not important) and add another idea. Some ideas to include are:

  • Jesus is the Son of God.
  • Jesus rode on a donkey.
  • Jesus healed a blind man.
  • Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.
  • Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
  • Jesus loves me.
  • Jesus’ mother was Mary.

Pray together. Offer statements of praise and let the children respond by saying Jesus is the Son of God, as they did during the earlier activity.

Check out this children’s ministry resource. ↓

Check out this children’s ministry resource. ↓