“Love the Lord your God.”

Matthew 22:37




Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, King Nebuchadnezzar, soldiers, angel


Daniel’s three friends did not pray to the king’s statue, and they trusted God to care for them (Daniel 3)

When & Where?

During the sixth century B.C., in Babylon, where God’s people were captives


To help children trust in God’s care for them, no matter what happens

Goals For Each Child
  1. Identify a way God cared for Daniel’s three friends
  2. Name a place God cares for him or her
  3. Thank God for His loving care


Bible Story Activities

Blocks Center


  • Bible
  • Small interlocking blocks


Children stack blocks to build short and tall towers. Children compare heights of towers they build. Talk about the tall statue that the king made.

Music Center


  • Bible
  • Rhythm instruments


Children play rhythm instruments as you play “Sing Praises”. When you stop the music, children trade instruments. Talk about how we can praise God and thank Him for His care—just like Daniel’s friends did.

Bible Verse Activities

Children boys and girls sitting together around the table in classroom and drawing
Image Credit: Prasit photo/Moment/Getty Images

Art Center


  • Bible
  • Large cardboard box
  • Markers
  • Four paper plates
  • Glue


Children decorate cardboard box to be a car. They glue paper plates to the sides of the box to represent wheels. And then pretend to travel in car as they talk about places they like to go.

Game Center


  • Bible
  • Toy cars


Hide toy cars around the game area.


Children search for toy cars. Once toy cars are found, children tell places they like to go. Repeat activity as time allows.

Bible in Life Curriculum Trial
Bible in Life curriculum trial


Large-Group Time


  • Bible
  • Daffodil puppet
  • Gold or gold-colored item
  • Flannel board
  • Optional—God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook

Come Together

Begin this activity as first children come to the area. Make a face demonstrating a feeling (surprised, sad, excited, worried, sleepy, scared, etc.) and ask children to imitate your face. As each feeling is demonstrated, invite children to name the feeling.

Bible Verse

Show Activity Poster 2. Where are these people? What would you like to do if you were at the beach? God loves and cares for us at the beach! God loves and cares for us wherever we go. 

Open your Bible to Matthew 22:37The Bible says, “Love the Lord your God.” Repeat Bible verse with children several times. We know God loves us. We can show love to God, and we can show love to God by praying to Him.


Pray with children. Dear God, thank You for loving us. Thank You for caring for us. We are glad for Your love. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Let’s sing about talking to God. Play “I Can Talk to God” several times, inviting children to sing along with you.

Puppet Time


If you have Daffodil puppet, use it to perform the puppet script.

Bible Story

The Fiery Furnace | Daniel 3

Use gold or gold-colored item and Figures 25-32 to help tell the Bible story.


Show gold or gold-colored item. This looks like it is made from gold. People use gold to make very special things. Listen to hear what happened when a king built a gold statue. (Hold your Bible open to Daniel 3 as you tell the following story.)

The King’s Statue

Daniel and his three friends worked for King Nebuchadnezzar. One day the king decided to make a big statue of himself. He wanted the statue to be covered with shiny gold. The statue was set up in a place where everyone could come and see it.

The king’s messenger told the people, “When the music plays, bow and pray to this statue. If you do not bow, you will be thrown in a furnace and burned up!” (A furnace is like a big fireplace.)

But Daniel’s three friends would not bow or pray to the big statue. They would only pray to God! The music began to play. Everyone else bowed low and prayed, but the three friends did not bow or pray. They stood tall. When King Nebuchadnezzar heard that the three friends had not bowed and prayed to his statue, he was angry!

Teacher with schoolgirls reading storybook in classroom at primary school
Image Credit: Sydney Bourne/ Cultura/Getty Images

The King’s Furnace

The three friends were brought to the king. The king roared, “If you don’t bow NOW, you’ll be thrown into the furnace!”

The three friends said, “O king, we serve God. We will not worship the statue.” That made the king even angrier!

God’s Answer

The soldiers tied up the friends. Then the friends were thrown into the middle of the hot flames in the furnace. Then the king looked in the furnace. He saw the three friends walking safely in the middle of the hot, hot fire! And there was someone else in there, too. It was an angel! God had sent an angel to keep the three friends safe.

King Nebuchadnezzar was so surprised! Quickly, he shouted for the friends to come out of the fire. They did! They were not burned at all, and they did not even smell like smoke! God had kept them safe!

King Nebuchadnezzar praised the one true God! He said, “From now on, no one may say anything bad about the one true God!”


Daniel’s friends loved God. They knew that God always loved and cared for them, no matter where they were or what happened to them. We can love God, too. We can know that He will always love and care for us, no matter where we are or what happens to us. The Bible says, “Love the Lord your God.” 

(Optional: Review story by using pages 244-249 in God’s Story for Me Bible storybook.)


TalkTime Activity Page


  • Bible
  • Markers or crayons


Hand out TalkTime activity pages and demonstrate how to complete the page. Distribute sticker pages and crayons or markers. As children complete their own page, talk about the items on the page

Bible Story Game



Hide storytelling figures around the room.


Who was in our Bible story today? Follow me to find some pictures from our Bible story. Lead children in looking for figures. Put your hand on your head when you see a picture from our story today. 

After several children have spotted a picture, ask, What do you see in this picture? What happened in this part of the story?

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