Stop and think for a moment about the many ways your ministry has changed over the past year. Maybe you are checking temperatures upon arrival or asking team members to wear a mask. Perhaps your children’s ministry, or possibly even your church, is not offering in-person services. Some churches have needed to adjust service times to create space for social distancing.

Just a year ago none of us would have even considered any of these things. However, now they are becoming more and more commonplace.

As ministry—and life in general—continues to change, we must continue to change the way we operate. If you were to compare your ministry today with your ministry a few years ago, you would probably be able to note several things you are doing differently.

There are so many processes, rules, and ministry avenues that have changed. But how has your volunteer team changed?

Remember: Every opportunity to serve is an opportunity to be blessed.

It is more important now, maybe than ever, to keep our teams engaged in ministry. This does not have to be difficult. In fact, with some creative planning, there may be more opportunities to serve now than before.

Here are a few roles you can create that will help in this season and moving forward.

Online Team

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Whether your church doors are open for on-site ministry or not, there will still be some people who cannot or are not ready to attend in person. These people still need church.

Who is reaching out to these kids and their families? How are they staying plugged into the ministry taking place?

Consider adding a team of online volunteers. This team could consist of multiple roles ranging from content creation to video production to social media engagement.

An online team could be responsible for creating fun online contests, posting Bible verses, and engaging the online families. Virtual parades, online show and tell, video scavenger hunts, and so much more are just a few of the fun ways this team can keep kids connected with their church community and open a door to minister to their families.

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Care Team

Home Delivery to Doorstep
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A care team is always a great team to have!

Responsibilities may include dropping groceries off at a family’s house, calling to pray for someone, or even mailing out cards. A care package, quick note, or a phone call can make a huge impact during this time. So many people are isolated and feeling all alone.

It’s incredible what a difference one simple act can make.

Assembly Team

For those who are holding in-person worship with kids in the service, it could be beneficial to have items available for those children. This can be anything from kid-friendly sermon notes with pencils and crayons to coloring sheets, pipe cleaners, or anything else that will help keep a child calm and engaged.

Building a team to create and pass out these items can be a great way to keep people engaged. This team could include an on-site and off-site serving option. Someone not comfortable attending on site could prepare kits from home, while another serve team could be on-site distributing them to the kids.

By creating more ways to be involved, we are allowing people an opportunity to be ministered to and be blessed by God.

Behind-the-Scenes Team

Another option for people who prefer to stay away from crowds is the behind-the-scenes team.

This group can be responsible for organizing and setting out curriculum, preparing the classroom, and ensuring everything is ready for the weekend. Once curriculum is selected, a volunteer can print, sort, and arrange the lessons into folders for each class.

They can also check supplies for the lesson and ensure basic items such as cleaners, hand sanitizer, toys, and more are in place.

Cleaning Team

With all the added safety guidelines, it is very helpful to have a team that is responsible for cleaning.

These volunteers can wipe down high-touch surfaces such as stair rails, door handles, and light switches. This team could also sanitize toys, restock supplies, and help keep the environment clean and safe for everyone in attendance.

Backup Team

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Do you have team members who have mentioned they are ready to return, but not sure they want to be on the schedule regularly? Consider adding them to a backup team.

With current situations being so unpredictable, it is important to have people who can come in at a minute’s notice. Build up a team of people who could be added to the schedule in a backup role.

These people know to be ready for their scheduled service time but will only need to serve if someone else has to cancel. This is a great way to keep your classrooms full and provide creative opportunities for volunteers to serve.

There are many ways for team members to stay engaged, even during this time. Continue to pray and ask God for divine creativity. Ask Him to show you ways to best minister to His people. Your ministry can win in this season and beyond.

Remember: Every opportunity to serve is an opportunity to be blessed. By creating more ways to be involved, we are allowing people an opportunity to be ministered to and be blessed by God.

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