At Ministry Spark, we are all about resourcing you, your leaders, and volunteers for ministry. And today, ministry is taking place in person and online. So, we’ve compiled some articles that dive into the details of how to teach online.

Ministry is changing, however, the message is not!

From distance learning to cultivating faith—these articles will help as you navigate these new waters with your students.

Compiled Resources for Online Teaching

The following resources will help you and your leaders navigate the challenges and opportunities of the online church. Discover how to effectively teach online.

Compiled Resources for Growing Faith Online

Help your leaders and volunteers tackle sharing faith remotely. Dive into discipleship and what it means to cultivate a remote faith. Discover what the church can learn from online education.

Check out these articles!

Helpful Ministry Spark Resources

Below are additional resources to help you through this time. And remember, we post new content every week!