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Beholding Our Creator as We Prepare for Easter

Deepen your experience in God and move from a transactional experience with God to a transformational friendship as we behold Him this Easter.

Ministry is hard work and sometimes leading up to big holidays like Easter, we can get overwhelmed by programming and planning, especially in children’ ministry. And, to be honest, sometimes our super-focus on crossing all our t’s and dotting all our i’s causes us to miss the point.

Let’s pause and discover the joy of being with God, not just working for Him. Learn about the art of resting in God’s presence. Prayer can become not only a place of seeking, but becoming.

And as we celebrate the sacrifice and triumph of our risen Savior, it’s good to remember He’s exactly who we need.

Find rest as joy as you meet with Jesus. Join the Ministry Spark team and special guest Strahan Coleman for this much needed conversation and prepare your heart for this Easter season.

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Guest Speaker:

Strahan Coleman

Strahan Coleman is an award-winning musician, poet, writer, and spiritual director from Aotearoa, New Zealand. He is the founder of Commoners Communion, a space that engages in conversations in Christian spirituality through writing, podcasts, spiritual retreats, devotions, and prayers. Strahan also teaches online prayer schools that engage students around the world in a journey to go deeper with God.

Topics We'll Cover in this Webinar

Discover how prayer can become more than spoken conversation with God

Be inspired to have your ordinary everyday life become a meeting place for God

Prepare your heart and mind for the Easter season

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