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Known, Loved, and Led: Helping Children Know Who They Were Created to Be

Children are inundated with messages every single day about their identity. It’s our job to help them know what is always true—what God says is true.

You see, what kids believe about themselves influences their thoughts and decisions. 

We need to help kids discover that their identity is found in God’s Big Story—where Jesus is Lord and the Holy Spirit is present. And we need to leave room for their big questions and big ideas while leaving no doubt about who God is or who they are in Him.

Our kids are image-bearing children of God, and we can declare this truth over them!

This topic can feel overwhelming, it’s our goal to help with practical ideas that support rather than overwhelm. Join the Ministry Spark Team for this important topic on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 2pm Eastern.

Topics We'll Cover in this Webinar

Be equipped with language to share with children to teach and remind them of who they were created to be.

Discover why consistency matters and walk away with ideas for theological guideposts that will help you share Scripture with the children in your care.

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