Hi, my name is Michelle Anthony. Welcome to family ministry conversations. Today’s topic is the Holy Spirit teaches.

We know in Scripture that Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit as a gift. He sent His Holy Spirit to remind us of all the things that He taught us. To be our comforter, to be our helper as we walk this journey of ministry.

But Scripture also says that He teaches us all things.

Ask yourself, “Does this put kids in proximity to His character, to His presence, to be with Him, to listen to Him, to speak with Him?”

Give Kids the Opportunity to Hear God Speak

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When we teach Scripture to kids and their parents, we need to give an opportunity, not just for them to hear our voice, but to hear God’s voice. To hear from the Holy Spirit.

In fact, there was a time in my ministry where I considered every component of my morning or evening ministry program as simply this: putting kids or students in proximity to God, just putting them in proximity to hear from God.

In everything I did I asked myself the question: “Does this put them in proximity to His character, to His presence, to be with Him, to listen to Him, to speak with Him?”

Whether playing a fun game, reading Scripture, or having small group discussions; every situation should be a place where we put kids in a position to be taught by the Holy Spirit.

When He is the teacher, He can remind them of the things that are true. He is the one who can interpret for the child. And He is the one that can help the child apply the truth when they are no longer in our ministries.

Bible in Life Curriculum Trial
Bible in Life curriculum trial

We Have a Role to Play Too!

This doesn’t negate our role because we also know from Ephesians 4 that some of the gifts given to us through the Holy Spirit empower us to teach. And so as we teach God’s Word, we have a role in partnership with the Holy Spirit. But we never want to neglect that ultimately it is the Holy Spirit who teaches.

In fact, His Word has been inspired by Himself. The authors of the Old and New Testaments were scribes who were inspired by the Holy Spirit who taught them so that they would write the words that God teaches us. We would never want to separate the student from the ultimate teacher.

As you’re planning your ministry programs, let’s not forget we want to place kids in proximity to God so they can hear from the Holy Spirit who is teacher.