When God puts us in a position of leadership over children, we believe He holds us accountable for what we teach them. They are His precious children, and they are entrusted to us to guide them.

You see, Sunday school curriculum isn’t only about keeping children engaged. It’s about igniting the fire of faith that will blaze brightly for a lifetime. And, certainly, it’s a tool to help us introduce children to Jesus.

Gospel Light gives leaders and children the opportunity to build deep connections with Jesus at the center. 

In a world of disconnection, personal relationships are key to understanding the message of Jesus.

Gospel Light Children’s Curriculum: Learn the Basics


First, Gospel Light is passionate about creating profound mentorship bonds between teachers, parents, and children. In a world of disconnection, personal relationships are key to understanding the message of Jesus.

Every Lesson Points to Jesus: 

This children’s curriculum ensures that every lesson leads children to a personal encounter with Jesus. Further, we don’t want them to only know about Him; we want them to know His love in their lives every week.

That’s why every lesson points to Jesus!

Simple as ABC Lesson Plans:

With simplified lesson planning, lift the burden of late-night curriculum crunching. The straightforward lesson plans for each age group allow teachers to create engaging, meaningful lessons. Above all, these lessons give you space to focus on what matters—connecting with the kids in your care.

With Gospel Light, if you can play, you can teach.

Gospel Light

Because the Gospel Changes Lives

With our easy-prep lessons, teachers can focus on building relationships with kids and pointing them to Jesus as they explore God’s Word.

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Teacher Training & Leader Empowerment:

Comprehensive teacher training resources are provided for all age groups. These resources help you and your team become confident, impactful mentors. This isn’t about following a script—it’s about being equipped to guide children effectively.

Evangelism Made Accessible:

The teacher guides include step-by-step articles on leading a child to Christ, empowering you to be part of their faith journey.

Inviting Parents In:

For elementary age groups, this children’s curriculum includes bonus resources that you can share with parents. We believe in a strong partnership between the church and families, fostering unity and shared purpose.

A Strong Biblical Foundation: 

The scope and sequence will take children through the Bible five times by 6th grade. This helps lay a rock-solid biblical foundation for a lifetime of faith.

Singing His Praises: 

Reproducible worship song CDs are offered for all age levels, bringing the power of music to your lessons. Music is a powerful tool for worship, adding another layer to children’s classroom experience.

If your mission is to raise children who not only know Jesus, but are driven to share His message, Gospel Light Children’s Curriculum may be for you. It seamlessly merges discipleship, evangelism, and an unwavering focus on Jesus. It enables children to not only meet their Savior, but to know His presence in their lives.

Every lesson points to Jesus!

Supporting Features: Gospel Light Children’s Curriculum

In addition to the core benefits, Gospel Light offers a symphony of supporting features. These include age-appropriate activities and captivating visuals. It’s flexible enough to accommodate various church sizes and settings, providing a great backdrop for your unique ministry.

Building a Firm Foundation

In a world where our children are bombarded by noise, we need to offer them a firm spiritual foundation. With Gospel Light Children’s Curriculum, you’re not just selecting lesson plans, you’re sowing the seeds of a spiritually powerful future for the next generation. 

Make that heartfelt decision to choose Gospel Light, and then witness the transformative power of Christ in the hearts and minds of the children in your care. Inspire them to share His love with the world.