During my first job interview, the manager asked about my strengths and weakness. The company I wanted to work for was a family amusement park with bumper boats, miniature golf, a roller rink, and more. Not only did I enjoy visiting this place, but I thought it would be a perfect first job.

It was clear to me that my strength was working with kids. But when it came to my weakness, I wasn’t so sure. I ended up sharing that my weakness was getting in front of large groups and speaking. I probably should’ve mentioned that it also terrified me.

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One time while in school, I got so nervous to speak in front of my class that I even forgot my own name! I actually said, “Hi my name is Jennifer. Wait, actually it’s Lisa.” I wanted to crawl under the school desk and hide. I had failed to even say my name in front of others. As a result, I wanted to avoid public speaking at all costs.

As you can probably guess, the job that they offered was to be a party host. The position required me to speak in front of large parties all day. I took a deep breath and, to my surprise, I said, “Sure, I’d love to.”

This was not the plan that I had. But over the years, I can clearly point back to this time in my life and see that God put me in that position as a training for the ministry that He would later call me to.

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