Today, we’re looking at the story of Paul shipwrecked on Malta and how one animal in particular can help us bring it to life for kids.

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Let’s get started!

Bible Story: Acts 28:1–10 (Paul Shipwrecked on Malta)

Animal: Snake

Lesson Theme: God is powerful

Activity: Slither Soccer

[icon name=”clock”] Time: about 10 minutes

[icon name=”list-alt”] Supplies: balloons, masking (or painter’s) tape, stopwatch

Have kids form two teams, the Rattlers and the Pythons. Place two 18-inch tape lines on the floor at opposite ends of the room to serve as goals.

EXPLAIN: Kids will play a game of soccer but the way snakes play— using only their heads to move the ball. And slithering. The entire game lasts just five minutes—with no time-outs.

After everyone lies down on the floor, toss an inflated balloon onto the field and let the snakes go at it. About two minutes in, toss a second balloon onto the field and then, with one minute left, a third balloon. After the match ends, ask both teams to give a mighty hiss (it’s not like they can applaud!) and then sit together to discuss:

  • Was playing Slither Soccer tough or easy?

SAY: If you were a snake, you’d hate playing soccer. Snakes have to control their temperature by sunning themselves or finding shade, so soccer matches in the winter are out. Ditto for very hot days. Snakes are usually solitary animals, so team sports are out. And they shed their skin, which will make for a very messy field. Sometimes we have to do things we’re not good at either. Maybe we’re great at math but have to write a story about Brazil. Or we’re good at soccer but have to swim laps in a pool. Good news! God is powerful, and when we’re not strong he step in. A Jesus follower named Paul discovered that when he met an especially nasty snake.

Teaching Time

Share the story of Paul shipwrecked on Malta from Acts 28:1–10. Point out how God used the snake, and use the following questions to guide discussion:

  • In what ways did God show His power in this story of Paul shipwrecked?
  • If you were one of the people living on Malta, would you want Paul to come back? Why or why not? 
  • What’s something you wanted to do, but even though you tried, you just weren’t powerful enough to pull it off? 
  • What’s something you could use our powerful God’s help with this week?

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