Today, we’re looking at the Noah’s Ark story and how one animal in particular can help us bring it to life for kids.

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God has done some remarkable things through his furry, fuzzy, and funny creations. A talking donkey? A fish carrying around a tax payment in its mouth? A rooster reminder that brought a grown man to his knees?

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The Noah’s Ark Story

Bible Story:  Noah’s Ark (Genesis 8:6–12)

Animal:  Dove

Lesson Theme:  God Gives Us Hope

Activity:  Hope Mini-Posters

Time: about 10 minutes
Supplies: paper, colored markers

Before kids arrive, make a sample poster that shows what you’re hoping for and reminds you that God is the giver of your hope. Encourage kids to fill in their mini-posters with hopeful doodles, drawings, and words.

As kids work, ASK: What are you hoping will happen in your life? When everyone is finished drawing, SAY: Today we’ll learn about a man who hoped in God.

Teaching Time

Share the Noah’s ark story (Genesis 7:1—8:5 and 8:13–22). Use the following questions to guide discussion.

  • How do you think Noah and his family felt the first two times the dove came back? Why?
  • How about the third time?
  • Think of a promise God made in the Bible. How do you know he’ll keep it?
  • Why does that promise matter to you?
  • Why is it important to hope in God?

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