Today, we’re looking at the Biblical story of the Israelites in the desert and how one animal in particular can help us bring it to life for kids.

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Welcome to the “Meet an Amazing Animal” series.

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Let’s get started!

Bible Story: God provides for the Israelites in the desert (Numbers 11:18–20, 31–32)

Animal: Quail

Lesson Theme: God hears our prayers.

Activity: Bean Launch

[icon name=”clock”]  Time: about 5 minutes

[icon name=”list-alt”]  Supplies: plastic cups, spoons (1 per child), dried beans (10 per child)

Give each child a spoon and 10 beans. Place a cluster of cups together, open end up, about 10 feet from the kids.

Explain that the kids’ goal is to get their beans into a cup by placing the bean in the bowl of the spoon and then flipping the handle to launch the bean.

Demonstrate how to do it. It’s okay if you miss the cups—you’ll be giving kids the okay to be equally bad bean launchers!

After kids make 10 attempts, you can either gather up the spoons or let them go pick up beans and try again.

Once you’ve finished launching, have kids sit in a circle. Join them and ASK:

  • Did you get better at launching beans as you went, or worse? Why?
  • If you were telling someone else how to launch beans, what tips would you share?

SAY: Today we’re talking about prayer—and how God hears our prayers. Launching a prayer isn’t exactly like launching a bean, but they have this in common: practice helps you get more comfortable with both.

Teaching Time

Share the story from Numbers 11:18–20, 31–32. Use the following questions to guide discussion.

  • God seems sort of … upset. Why do you think he was upset with his people?
  • The people were complaining to Moses. How do you think God knew what was in the hearts and minds of the whiners?
  • How does it feel knowing that God knows what’s in your heart and mind?
  • The Israelites probably couldn’t look at a quail again without remembering that God answers our prayers. What reminds you that God answers your prayers?
  • If you could say just one thing to God, what would it be?

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