Today, we’re looking at the story of Daniel in the lions’ den and how to bring it to life for kids.

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Bible Story: Daniel in the Lions’ Den (Daniel 6:1–23)

Animal: Lions

Lesson Theme: God Is Faithful

Activity: Tugboat

[icon name=”clock”] Time: about 5 minutes

[icon name=”list-alt”] Supplies: blindfolds (1 per every 2 children)

Have kids form pairs, and while one child in each pair is blindfolding the other, create an obstacle course in the room by moving chairs and other objects.

Explain that the sighted child in each pair is a tugboat—guiding his or her partner to safely navigate the obstacle course by using these signals: a tap on the right shoulder for turning right; a tap on the left shoulder for a left turn; and a tap between the shoulders for a full, immediate stop.

SAY: There’s no talking, but because tugboats blow whistles, feel free to whistle. Tugboats, stand behind your friends and let’s see how you do.

After all pairs have completed the course, have kids switch roles, and while blindfolds are being applied, rearrange the course. Then have pairs make their ways back to the starting line.

After this experience have kids discuss:

  • How hard or easy was it for you not to peek? Why?
  • How much did you trust your tugboat? Why?

SAY: It’s sometimes hard to trust people, to believe they’ll really do what they say they’ll do. But you can always trust God.

God is faithful—He keeps all His promises. And you can trust Him to guide your steps in life because He sees things you don’t see.

We’ll look at how God was faithful to someone who was in a lot of trouble!

Teaching Time

Share the story of Daniel in the lions’ den (Daniel 6:1–23). Use the following questions to guide discussion.

  • Daniel was faithful—he kept talking with God. In what ways do you show that you’re faithful to God?
  • God was faithful to Daniel, but what if God hadn’t saved Daniel from the lions? Would God still be faithful?
  • The rule said Daniel couldn’t pray. He had to obey the rule or obey God. What’s a rule that might make you choose between obeying God and the rule?
  • What is something God has said about himself that you’re glad is true?
  • What’s something He’s said about you that you’re glad is true?

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