As Jesus developed His ministry, He walked throughout the region, teaching and healing along His way. On one particular day, a large crowd gathered, and Jesus went to the side of a mountain and began what would become known as the Sermon on the Mount. 

In Matthew 5, you can read His powerful message that included such thoughts as,  

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” And “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  

When Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount, I imagine everyone listening was truly captivated. Everyone likely felt seen and included in some way. Inclusivity at its finest! 

In a similar way, you have the opportunity to captivate and include the children and families that you serve in your kid’s ministry program by building an incredible volunteer team. Let’s focus on 4 specific values you can utilize to train and equip the volunteers on your team. 

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1. Be Safe 

When the children entrusted in your care feel safe in their environment, they will be comfortable returning week after week. This will allow them the opportunity to fully hear the truth of God’s love for them.  

Implementing safety rules around their physical space will allow kids’ emotional security to flourish and provide a wonderfully nurturing place for them to learn about and grow in their relationship with God. Parents will feel confident at drop-off and pick-up when they know safety is valued. You can find more specific plans around safety here

2. Be Engaging 

Our actions truly matter. And when the leader’s relationship with God deepens and it transforms them, it will overflow into the lives of those they serve. 

As your volunteer team interacts with both kids and their families, it is important to do so in a genuine manner. This can include taking the time to engage with God in prayer. As a group of people working to teach and develop children, all we can do is lay the foundation—it’s up to God to build the rest.  

Actively pray for your volunteers and encourage your volunteers to pray for the kids in their care by name. By being personal and engaging in your prayer life, you model this for everyone you serve. Our actions truly matter. And when the leader’s relationship with God deepens and it transforms them, it will overflow into the lives of those they serve.  

3. Be Courteous 

If it seems obvious that courtesy would be a value in children’s ministry (or any ministry for that matter!), it’s because it is. Your program likely serves children and families beginning at birth. What a privilege! 

Can you imagine being a new parent who’s bringing your infant to the church nursery for the first time? Or maybe your family has just moved, and your second-grade child is simply terrified of starting something new? 

What would you be looking for in these scenarios? You would be looking for a friendly face. Have your team practice smiling and greeting. It might sound silly or basic, but it meets a fundamental need for kids and parents alike. 

4. Be Consistent 

There is a distinct difference between being consistent and being complacent. When your volunteers are consistent, they are repeating procedures and routines out of love for God and care for the kids they serve. Kids will find comfort in routine and structure. This will result in their parents finding the same comfort. 

God’s love is eternally consistent for each and every one of His children. 

It’s also important to infuse some fun and unpredictability in the mix. You can encourage that by having your team change things up periodically in thoughtful ways. As much as kids love a routine, they also love surprises. Maybe on a nice weather day, programming can happen outside, or two classes can combine for a session to teach in a new way. 

God’s love is eternally consistent for each and every one of His children. What a joy it is to equip your volunteers to model that same care for the children in your program. 

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Show Up for Ministry Now 

Jesus showed up over and over again. As a leader in your church, you have the distinct honor of showing up today for the volunteers, children, and families in your church community. What a privilege it is to be connected to community with the ability to make a difference. 

Modeling the love of Christ through prayer, kindness, and patience within your programming is an incredible way for you to show up as you serve.