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Our Role in the Faith Formation of Kids: Children’s Ministry

In this webinar, we’ll talk through ideas for how we can make kids’ faith formation more effective in our children’s ministries.

Within the context of a healthy, whole-church approach to faith formation, children’s ministry plays an undeniably crucial role.

In 2005, David Kinnaman, now president of Barna Group, summed up why: “Young people are spiritual sponges whose most impressionable years are too important to pass up.” His statement remains as true as ever.

As we continue our Faith Formation discussion, let’s ask these questions again: Are we resourcing and running children’s ministry, church services, small groups, and other ministries in essentially the same way we did twenty years ago? Are we passing on traditions and programs, only to have lost a clear focus on the very faith they are meant to foster?

Topics We'll Cover in this Webinar

Beginning with the End in Mind

The Role of Children’s Ministry

Ideas for Making Kids’ Faith Formation More Effective in Your Ministry

This conversation will encourage adult engagement in the life of the church as a whole, encourage churches to keep the Bible a priority for kids and their families, talk about the importance of equipping families for conversations about faith, why to provide missional opportunities for kids to talk about their faith and serve others, and more.

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