Meet an Amazing Animal in the Story of the Triumphal Entry (Preschool and Elementary Lesson)

Amazing Animal Triumphal Entry donkey

Use this grab-and-go lesson to bring Jesus’s triumphal entry on Palm Sunday to life.

The Ten Commandments for Kids: It Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward (Lesson)

10 Commandments kids

Age-appropriate version of the Ten Commandments, plus tips for teaching this tricky subject.

Jesus Dies (Good Friday Preschool and Elementary Lesson)

Jesus Dies: Good Friday Sunday School Lesson

Share the good news that Jesus took our sins with Him to the cross.

Hail to the King! Palm Sunday (Preschool and Elementary Lesson)

Hail to the King! Palm Sunday School Lesson

Palm Sunday can be big fun for the kids in your ministry with this free lesson!

Jesus Is Alive! Easter Sunday (Preschool and Elementary Lesson)

Easter Sunday School Lesson for Preschoolers

Be prepared for the most highly attended church weekend with this Easter lesson.

The Last Supper (Preschool and Elementary Lesson)

Last Supper lesson for preschoolers

These activities and games help the story of The Last Supper come alive!