Brought to you by Kevin A. Thompson. 

In nearly every circumstance of ministry, we have a good understanding of what needs to be done. In light of today’s events—our nation and world facing the pandemic and resulting closures—that is no longer true. We have no experience in attempting to carry out the mission of the church when Sunday morning worship is canceled for months, small groups are not able to gather, and any face-to-face meetings might cause more harm than good.

The moment we closed our buildings to staff, members, and guests, we knew everything had changed. Unfortunately, there was no model for us to immediately adopt. Instead, our executive team gathered for our last in-person meeting in order to put together a playbook of how to move forward. 

This is what we developed. We don’t pretend it’s the perfect solution, but it does give our four individual congregations a roadmap to follow over the next few months. We don’t encourage you to copy exactly what we have done, but we do encourage every church to ask similar questions, go through the same process, and formulate your own game plan.

Inside this download, you’ll find ideas for:

  • Executing for Weekend Services
  • Connecting with People
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Meeting Needs
  • Influencing Giving
  • Empowering Staff

Grab this guide and be empowered during these unprecedented times!