This guide was created to help you dive into some of the topics facing your ministries today and lead into why your curriculum matters and how to choose the right one depending on your needs.

It’s our hope that, as we begin to better understand the children and families we serve, we would each choose a curriculum to best support them in their walk with God.

Look Inside the Table of Contents:

4 – Introduction

5 – Important Kidmin Topics
6 – Identity & Kids’ Place in God’s Big Story—Sharing the Truth of the Gospel
9 – The Importance of Life Application—Faith in Action
11 – The Need for Evangelism—Sharing Jesus and His Good News
14 – Why We Need Inclusive Ministry—Every Child in Community with Jesus and His Church
17 – The Importance of Cultural Applications—Celebrating People of Color: African American Heritage and Faith

19 – Children’s Ministry Curriculum: What You Need to Consider
         with links to additional resources to help you on this journey

23 – Find Your Match: Children’s Ministry Curriculum Resources
24 – Identity: Wonder Ink
25 – Life Application: Bible-in-Life
26 – Evangelism: Gospel Light
27 – Inclusion: HeartShaper
28 – African American Heritage: Echoes