What is happening in kidmin? We’ve interviewed children’s leaders from around the country and found the top trends to watch for this year. Check out these 5 trends and be ready for what’s to come!

It’s hard to overstate the importance of children’s ministry. Kids are the leaders, disciple-makers, teachers, evangelists, parents, and neighbors of tomorrow—and a vital part of the church today. Investing in the spiritual development of kids has an immeasurable impact on the future of our faith communities.

“The spiritual impact of children’s ministry could well be the most important thing a church can invest in,” says Laura Derico, acquisitions editor of learning resources at David C Cook. “A Barna study reported that nearly half of all Americans who accept Jesus as their Savior do so before they turn 13.”

If churches want to keep growing and spreading the gospel, kidmin is one of the most effective ministries they can develop.

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