As you serve kids, you’re creating an environment for spiritual growth—whether you realize it or not. Parents have the same responsibility and are often unsure of what to do and where to start. So, we’re excited to share this resource that will help you guide families in their most important task.

The idea of passing on one’s faith can be intimidating, and the realization that a child’s view of God comes from what he or she receives (and perceives) at home makes most parents cringe. Frankly, there have been times in our own lives when that reality has been downright terrifying.

When faced with the task of passing on their faith, parents tend to respond in 1 of 5 ways. They

  1. become paralyzed, so they ignore it and do nothing;
  2. overcompensate and do more than needed;
  3. select a book, give it to their child, and hope he or she figures it out;
  4. delegate the task to someone else, and hope it works out for the best; or
  5. understand the vital role parents have in the life of their child and strategically pass on faith to him or her.

Parents are important! Download this guide and encourage the parents at your church today!