There’s so much that we need to explore while planning re-entry during COVID-19. It can feel daunting.  And that’s why we at David C Cook have created this guide.

On this journey, you will go through 5 areas to help prepare for and plan re-entry to your church building—Remember & Reflect, Reset, Reestablish, Reimagine, and Re-enter.

Children’s ministry will look very different from adult Sunday school during this time. And small groups will look different from your senior adult ministry. That’s okay!

This guide can be used as a re-entry planning tool during this COVID-19 season for your entire church or for a ministry within your church body.

Inside this download, you’ll find ideas and planning prompts in the following categories:

Remember & Reflect: Recalling What Worked

It’s important to remember where you’ve been, while remembering that where you’ve been doesn’t have to be where you’re going. Recall what has worked, and what hasn’t.

There has been no greater time to change-up what you’re doing!

Reset: Getting in the Appropriate Lane

As we move forward, let’s ask ourselves and our teams what lane suits your church at this specific time (or in your current phase). You may need to reset expectations while also being sure you are staying true to your ministry’s mission and core values. This is about getting in the best lane that works for your body of believers.

Reestablish: Creating Best Practices

You’ll create the roadmap and build best practices for your ministry in this section. You’ll use what you reflected on in the previous sections—Remember & Reflect and Reset—to build these.

Reimagine: Dreaming to Planning

Now that you’ve set the best practices, don’t stop! Dream how to move forward with what you’ve dreamt up. Dream big! From your dreams and what you’ve built this far will lead you to planning. With your plan, you’ll get ready to Re-Enter.

Re-Enter: Walking into the Future

Walk into the future. And remember—this roadmap is a guideline for you as you plan and pivot moving forward. You can always go back to Reimagine and build a new path from there.

Grab this guide and get ready for this new season after COVID-19 with your church body!