So, you want to be heard. You have an idea you need funding for. You have a ministry vision you want to implement. You are considered a leader in your church…but you don’t always feel that way when you’re around other senior leaders. (Heavy sigh.)

Hear this clearly: You can get heard. (And ministry leader, Keith Ferrin, is going to help you.)

What you do has eternal value. The kids and families you invest in will be forever impacted by how you serve them. Your impact will be infinitely greater if you are consistently improving the clarity and effectiveness of your communication.

And here’s the clincher: It’s not as hard as you might think!

When someone whose career depends on effectively communicating with senior leaders hires me to help them, these are the first four actions we dive into:

  1. Prepare with a Plan
  2. Run Better Meetings
  3. Write Better Emails
  4. Give Better Presentations

Dive into these actions in this robust guide from Ministry Spark. Get the support you need.