This guide is created to help you have agility in your ministry. Whether you continue doing what you’re doing, make plans for new ideas, or maybe just shift a few things—this guide is meant to help walk you through a process for adapting as needed to meet the needs of your people.

In this guide, you’ll gain insights for how to strategize and reach your people where they are. Each of these sections can be applied to your church ministry as a whole or to specific ministries within your church family.

Hear from David C Cook and The Ministry Spark Team on the following topics: 

  • Remember and Reflect
  • Evaluate the Need Now
  • Dream and Plan
  • Move
  • Keep the Cycle—Evaluate, Plan, Move

Plus, get access to a checklist and space to take notes!

This download is one that you don’t want to miss—no matter what your ministry looks like right now.