Out of all the things that fill your days, only 2 are eternal: PEOPLE and GOD’S WORD. People have ways of getting your attention. But it can be hard to give the Bible the place it deserves. That’s why our team created this guide.

We want the message about Christ to completely fill the lives of kids and their families. We long for everyone to love, learn, and live God’s Word. Because, more than imparting information, we want to see life transformation.

As we all work toward the goal of transformation, you can use this guide in several ways:

  • Find encouragement to help you and your volunteers draw closer to God through His Word.
  • Energize your teachers to help kids understand what the Bible says and connect it to life experience.
  • Get actionable ideas to engage families in God’s Word at church and at home.
  • Spark discussion about Bible-based opportunities for your children’s ministry and also your entire church.

Bring the Word to life with fun tips and ideas from this guide. Get it now!