Episode 5
Romans 10:9

Parents! This week your family will GET INTO Romans 10:9. You’ll be reminded that to be SAVED you need to DECLARE “Jesus is Lord” and BELIEVE in your HEART that God raised him from the dead.

So, gather your family, cue the video, and … GET INTO IT

After the video remind your family that this week you’ll TALK IT UP and look for ways to ACT IT OUT together. You’ll talk about what it means to BELIEVE in your HEART and find ways to DECLARE who Jesus is in your life. And you’ll talk about what Jesus did for you and what it means to be SAVED by Jesus.

Let’s DECLARE what we BELIEVE right now as we worship with Andrew Osenga and his daughter Sadie. We can ask God to plant these truths deep in our HEARTS. Download the lyrics here.

As you TALK IT UP this week, keep track of ideas your family has for ways to ACT OUT the truths of Romans 10:9. And TALK IT UPWARDS by praying together. Ask God to plant His Word deeply in your hearts as you ACT IT OUT together.

Here are 5 quick questions to help you launch fun family talks about Romans 10:9.


What are ways you can DECLARE that Jesus is Lord?


What are 3 things you BELIEVE in? Is it easier or harder to BELIEVE in those things than it is to BELIEVE Jesus rose from the dead?


What does it mean to BELIEVE something in your HEART?


What do you BELIEVE about Jesus? What do you think it means to be SAVED by Jesus?


What are some ways your family can encourage others to DECLARE that Jesus is Lord and be SAVED?

Do a deep dive into the Romans 10:9 keywords with these definitions and quick questions.

As a family, pick 1—or more!—of the ideas you’ve come up with for sharing what you BELIEVE in your hearts and ACT IT OUT. Remember to ask God for help as you and your family go to the mountaintops (or … a place in your neighborhood) and DECLARE: “Jesus is Lord!” to share your faith with others!

These questions will help your family connect keywords back to Romans 10:9. Use all the questions or pick 1 or 2—it’s up to you!

  • Why do you think it matters if you DECLARE clearly and publicly that Jesus is Lord?
  • If you BELIEVE in Jesus, who told you about Him? Share your faith story.
  • Why is HEART-felt BELIEF in Jesus needed to be SAVED?
  • Given what you’ve discovered in Romans 10:9, how might your relationships with God, your family, and others change?

When we share what we BELIEVE about Jesus and how He has SAVED us, it can encourage others to do the same!

Tell someone what your family did to put Romans 10:9 into action. Share your pictures, videos, and stories with others on social media using the hashtag #righthererightnow and inspire others!