Volunteer Onboarding Kit

Empower your ministry team & create a strong foundation for excellence.

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“This is such a great resource for children’s ministry leaders! It is something every kids’ ministry needs to have in place regardless of size, denomination, or demographics.”

Gloria Lee —Director of Family Ministries, Pacific Crossroads Church

Make Volunteer Onboarding Easy

With this comprehensive kit, you’ll set up your volunteers for success as you recruit, prepare, screen, train, encourage and follow-up with them.

How-To Videos

Walk through the 5 steps and build a strong team of passionate, committed, Kingdom-focused volunteers.

Recruiting Scripts & Videos

Add your own touch or simply use the videos provided and inspire your congregation to join your ministry.

Customizable Documents

If you need volunteer job descriptions, a handbook, training checklists, or more—these 12+ documents can help.

Finally, volunteer onboarding that’s customizable, relevant, actionable.

You Can Do This

Ministry growth and excellence can be achieved in your children’s ministry. An important part of reaching both goals is adequately onboarding volunteers for ministry. With customization made easy, this intentional onboarding process will equip you to create a successful volunteer culture that will help lead to overall ministry success.

How-To Videos for Each Step

This series of videos will walk you and your leadership team through the 5 steps that will lead to a strong team of passionate, committed, Kingdom-focused volunteers. We’ll unpack the importance of each step and highlight every piece that’s included in the kit.

Video screenshots Volunteer Onboarding Kit

3 Recruiting Videos with Scripts

These editable videos will allow you to personalize videos for your ministry. You might choose to use them as they are, add your church’s branding, or reshoot the videos altogether for a personal touch from you.

Customizable Documents

You can download these multiple ways! You’ll be able to download the entire onboarding guide as one file or as separate files.

Your kit includes all of these customizable documents:

  • Children’s Ministry Interest Form
  • Job Descriptions
  • Recruiting Scripts
  • Volunteer Interview Guide
  • Spiritual Gifts Survey
  • Application
  • Volunteer Covenant
  • Training Meeting Guide
  • Complete Handbook
  • Training Checklist
  • 90-Day Check-In
  • Annual Volunteer Survey

You’ll be able to completely edit the documents so you can customize all of the content to fit your ministry—in any season.

Customizable documents for Volunteer Onboarding Kit

Train passionate volunteers and grow your ministry—all while saving time and energy.

“This is a great resource that I will encourage the children’s ministers I coach to purchase. There are children’s ministry leaders I know who need the Volunteer Onboarding Kit today.”

Jared Kennedy —Gospel Centered Family