Spring 2021

Encouragement and empowerment through community with children's ministry leaders.

These online events give you a space to hear from veteran leaders and have conversations that will ignite your children’s and family ministries.

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Ministry Spark Conversations

We need each other when it comes to leading well in children and family ministry. Here’s what you can expect from our online Ministry Spark Conversations.


  • These online events are 2 hours long—from 12-2PM Eastern—and are full of awesome content you won’t want to miss.

Order of Each Event

  • The first thing we’ll do is worship together through music and song.
  • Then we’ll hear from a ministry expert with actionable ideas and strategies for ministry now in a 30-minute talk.
  • Next, we’ll split up into breakout rooms where you will be able to discuss questions and have conversation with other ministry leaders from around the country. There will be 10 leaders in each breakout room so that everyone has a chance to connect.
  • Lastly, we’ll come back together to wrap up and cheer you on!


  • Ministry Spark Conversations each cost $10 per person. The price includes your event registration and a digital ministry resource.
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Upcoming Ministry Spark Conversations

Creativity and Innovation in Spite of COVID-19

March 4, 2021 • 12-2pm ET

Dawn Heckert headshot

Speaker: Dawn Heckert

Through creativity and innovation, we can continue the spiritual formation of the children in our flocks.

Reframe—Why Spiritual Formation is Important Now

May 13, 2021 • 12-2pm ET

Melissa Macdonald headshot

Speaker: Melissa MacDonald

Spiritual formation is meant to be done in community—a partnership between the church and its families. Discover steps for doing just that.

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